The state depends on the middle (Part 2)

Anyone who works must generate significantly more income than to someone who lives on social transfers! Taxes and social contributions may not sum to eat up more than half of their income, because otherwise the motivation is systematically undermined.
Shaping price in the private sector
For years, sales by Karstadt have declined. No sooner are the cries of Opel after the State ceased, another protagonist enters the field of play and stretched out his hand for government assistance. The state should take the Karstadt rescue a mediating role. Nevertheless, if the potential investor the owner of the stores cannot convince them of his plan, how the politics will succeed? Shaping price negotiations in the private sector is not the government’s job. The chronology of corporate bailouts by the state is far from being a success story. Because politicians are never partisan and pursue their own interests. If negotiators reach an agreement, they can even turn on a private, non-partisan mediator. The case showed Opel that without government is it going well.