Never is the time of saving (Part 1)

It is the same old ritual. If the economy performed better than expected, all the resolutions set aside savings. The political process does not find the time anyway for real savings. During the recession, the government expenditure may not be cut, because the failing public demand otherwise aggravating the recession and the economic recovery should not the tender shoots of economic recovery in the bud. Around 63 billion euros of interest we Germans pay in the current year for the entire securitized debt of 1,700 billion euros. In the same time, this is only part of the truth. Because in social systems contain implicit debt in a much larger scale. The pension and public sector employees have the health and care, as measured by their performance promise, implicit debt in the order of around 6,000 billion euros. Only the overall picture makes the drama aware that we operate relentlessly for decades at the expense of future generations.