Болка при остеоартрит, какво лечение се прилага

След 50-годишна възраст, голяма част от хората страдат от остеоартрит (разграждане или “износване” на хрущяла).Тя е една от основните причини за болки в ставите, особено на коляното, но също така и в бедрото, ръцете и т.н. Това е състояние, свързано с възрастта, която се проявява първо в една или понякога две стави. Големите стави, които поддържат тежестта на тялото, като ханша или коленете, обикновено са първите, които стават болезнени.

Остеоартрит в костите на лумбалния гръбнак може да причини болка в долната част на гърба (лумбаго или болка в гърба); подобно износване в костите на гръбначния стълб може също да доведе до болка в областта на шията ( болка в шията ).

Парацетамол или ацетаминофен (до 4 г / ден) е препоръчителният болкоуспокояващ агент на първо място в случай на непосилна болка. Това е най-добре толерираното лекарство, особено в дългосрочен план.

Избягвайте приемането на противовъзпалителни средства (тип Advil) без съвет от лекар, защото могат да причинят болки в стомаха.

Алтернатива в случай на силна болка: кремове или гелове на базата на нестероидни противовъзпалителни средства (НСПВС), прилагани под превръзка, които могат да осигурят облекчение.

хранителни добавки за стави
И накрая, има много хранителни добавки за стави, които да се приемат в дългосрочен план срещу остеоартрит. Тяхната ефективност е променлива, но те нямат странични ефекти, като повечето лекарства.Те включват глюкозамин сулфат, хондроитин сулфат, мсм, хиалуронова киселина, колаген и др.

Health, diet, weight loss

We all know that to be healthy, you need to get rid of excess weight. Very often, people do not know exactly how to achieve this. Thus, often, different diets have failed. The secret is that person completely change not only the diet but also your lifestyle as a whole.

Food and Weight Loss -How to do it?

Here are some foods that are recommended if you want to lose weight:

Grass- lined butter

Some of the benefits of grass-lined butter:

• Does conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which helps the body in burning fat and also some anti-cancer properties
• Good balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids
• They contain MCT
• can suppress appetite and suppress blood sugar levels

Benefits of avocados:

• Good fats, of course
• High in fibber and antioxidants
• Helps maintain adequate hormone levels = fat loss and builds muscle
• It will appetite reducing

You can avocados just about anything put on, but if you are not a follower, then try guacamole. It goes on anything and has a little shock to do so. It is about the best thing you can put on any food. Try it instead of mayo.

Grass-fed beef

We are talking about the beef (and bison) that are fed a normal diet. Just like with eggs, which have an advantage if hens eat natural food. Grass-fed beef has a better balance and contains 3 times the vitamin E.It generally contains 3 times the Vitamin E as in grain fed meats. In addition, the buffalo grass / bison ate contains much higher levels of CLA to say nothing of more protein. This combination means that you burn fat AND gain muscle.

Weight loss with Fitness or Sport

One of the suitable sports for losing weight is walking. This is to some extent sporty walking, in which an active arm swing is executed, and in which the rate is significantly higher than in normal walking or hiking.One and a half times the body weight must wear while walking. This is called Nordic Walking. With the poles, the intensity is again increased.

How really to lose weight without risking your health

Health and Food – What do I need to consider?

Soups are the number one, if goes around losing weight. In several experiments, it was shown that they could reduce hunger: with a soup as a starter and subsequent main meal, you take a total of about one-fifth less amount of food and calories.Apparently, a soup lingers longer in the stomach. If there is some meat or fish in it, the saturation continues much longer.Eat meat soup with lots of vegetables until you are full, or start your meal with a vegetable soup.

Two to three meals are better than five?

Who eats constantly, constantly has a raised insulin levels. Therefore, needed regular breaks between meals for relieve the organism. The skip meals boosts your fat metabolism. In addition, you need a lot of protein and dietary fibre.

Weight loss

Important to know

One kilogram of fat is three times more voluminous than one kilograms muscles. So if you eat less, while more sport operates, the result of lifestyle changes might not see on the scale. One thing is certain: there should be more exercise in addition to diet.Measure your weight loss to your favourite jeans. If this starts to sit relaxed, you are on the right track.

Fitness and Sport


Due to the low load, orthopaedic wheel drive is just for people with high obesity. It is one of the ideal sports for losing weight.

Slow driving and short trips

This is very important especially in the beginning, especially if you have not driven for a long time have to to add health restrictions.Start easily several times a week with shorter distances. The weekends can then be used to gradually increase the length of the travel times and distances. With appropriate intensity, cycling eventually leads then to a similar high calorie consumption as jogging – only with much less stress on the joints. Just be patient when looking at the scale should be exercised because cycling is one of the endurance sports.

Some of the benefits of healthy weight loss

To lose weight, you can develop and maintain a diet plan.Healthy diet is essential for weight loss. Work out a diet plan is an effective tool for this purpose. This should be tailored to the individual life. Should be included with next varied menus and regular appointments for physical activity. It is also important to stick to this diet plan long term. Otherwise, the effort is in vain.

Food and weight loss – Varied menus help you lose weight by diet plan

This is more easily said than done.What does such an optimal and healthy diet in practice? What foods are good? First, in regards to overweight, you need select daily menus, using a calorie calculator. You have to calculate it according your own energy needs. Be taken into account in this case gender, occupation, and weight, age and body size. Then comes the fuller enjoyment of the exercise. Good diet providers can, for example, tasty dishes like tomato soup, spaghetti al pesto, seafood, beef, stuffed peppers tasty fruit or cereals have to include in the menu. It comes to the choice of health-conscious, and then all is easier.

How to stay slim without starving – what to look for in nutrition

It is also crucial – a healthy weight loss diet plan of course, includes vitamins and minerals. The more diversified the menu plans for weight loss in the diet plan, the easier it is for individuals to implement the change to healthy diet with lots of vegetables, salads, fruits, carbohydrates and protein.

Fitness, Sport and weight loss

Fitness can protect you against diseases. That fact should be motivation enough to exercise regularly. Advantage when training in your own home is that the yoga mat is rolled out quickly and directions omitted such as the gym. You can order fitness equipment such as stepper or other exercise bikes at home, at any time. So many arguments speak for fitness and health sports atmosphere in the home.

The minimum equipment of gyms in your own four walls, a mat, adjustable training bench, dumbbells should include. With this basic equipment can already accomplish many exercises like pull-ups, triceps extensions or floor exercises. This is a great way to lose weight.

What is best for our health

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